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Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle

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Anytongs is the innovative kitchen gadget that simplifies food handling and enhances food safety by turning ordinary eating utensils into tongs. Because you can easily switch out eating utensils to make fresh tongs, you'll always have a clean, hygienic tool on hand when you need it. Compact and lightweight, Anytongs is easy to store, use and clean, and it won't take up valuable space in your kitchen drawers. Here are just a few of the benefits of Anytongs:

  • Simplifies food handling: No more dirtying your hands or struggling with traditional tongs.
  • Enhances food safety: No more cross-contaminating your food or worrying about whether or not your tongs are clean.
  • Compact and lightweight: Easy to store and use, and won't take up valuable space in your kitchen drawers.
  • Versatile and convenient: Works with most flat-shaped eating utensils, making it easy to handle food in any situation.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 125 reviews
    James S.
    Limited Use.

    It will not fit most of our utensils. The opening is to small.

    Michael Bly

    Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle


    I absolutely love these. I even gave my second pair away as a gift and am going to buy more.

    JP Montemayor
    Actually Works!

    I bought two of them because I’m always looking for a pair of tongs and they’re never available. I saw these on Shark Tank and was skeptical. The price was reasonable so I bought two pairs. The darn things actually work quite well! I’m very pleased.

    Shelley Hansen
    I use with silverware

    I cook a lot and many times use forks and different sized spoons for moving food and many times they overheat. not only do anytongs take my hands further from the heat but they also keep the forks and spoons from overheating. Anytongs are so easy to use, they are one of my favorite tools.