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Why use Anytongs?

There's so many ways Anytongs can upgrade your cooking and serving experience. Here's just a few.

Anytongs will work wonders in kitchens, campsites and more

They're easy to control. And surprisingly versatile. You can turn a spoon and a fork into salad servers. Or two spoons into tongs for getting bagels out of the toaster. Or two forks into a pair of grill tongs. Any tongs, any time.

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Promotes food safety

When handling food, clean tongs are essential for avoiding cross-contamination. With Anytongs, you'll always have a clean pair ready by easily swapping out utensils.

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  • 48 million foodborne illnesses per year

    “48 million cases of foodborne illness annually—the equivalent of sickening 1 in 6 Americans each year.”

    FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administartion 
  • Utensils can spread bacteria between foods

    "...the bacteria would latch on to the utensils commonly found in consumers' homes and spread to the next item."

    University of Georgia | Center for Food Safety 
  • Food Allergies

    15 million Americans have a food allergy. Consuming even the smallest amount of food can cause an instant reaction... In the worst case scenario, a severe life-threatening reaction.

Easily switch tongs on the fly while cooking.

If you're cooking two things at the same time, Anytongs lets you move and switch tongs easily and quickly so you don't break your cooking flow. Just insert your utensils into the rubberized slots, give it a nice tug, and instant tongs!

Will my utensils fit? 👇

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No need for large utensils. That means less mess to clean up.

Anytongs are dishwasher safe. Durable. Heat resistant. And your kitchen's secret multi-taskers. Because they let you transform almost any two pieces of flatware into tongs. But you know what's the best part? You'll use less kitchen utensils, and this means less stuff to clean up after a meal.

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  • Our mission

    We're on a mission to create innovative and convenient kitchen tools that make cooking and food handling easier and more hygienic. We believe there's too much "junk" in our kitchen and that we can do more with less. Anytongs is our first and flagship product that we want to share with the world.