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Limited Use.

It will not fit most of our utensils. The opening is to small.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle


I absolutely love these. I even gave my second pair away as a gift and am going to buy more.

Actually Works!

I bought two of them because I’m always looking for a pair of tongs and they’re never available. I saw these on Shark Tank and was skeptical. The price was reasonable so I bought two pairs. The darn things actually work quite well! I’m very pleased.

I use with silverware

I cook a lot and many times use forks and different sized spoons for moving food and many times they overheat. not only do anytongs take my hands further from the heat but they also keep the forks and spoons from overheating. Anytongs are so easy to use, they are one of my favorite tools.


Where has this been all my life? I’m always looking for more tongs when cooking, especially when my husband is grilling at the same time I’m making sides! This is a must have for us and it doesn’t clutter the kitchen drawers with multiple bulky tongs!!

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Maryann Treible
Great idea

We purchased two, we cook, grill all the time and thought hey let’s check this out! We found every spoon fork serving utensil worked, however they don’t dry secured. I can pull them down but they seem to come loose. Just thought you or anyone could know this!

Very clever and useful tool. We will use these often. Cheers to the inventor.


Easy to use. Prefer handle to other tongs I have.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Raymond Martinez

I will use them occasionally, but I was expecting they would do better job holding the utensils. I need to adjust often.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Vincenzo Curcio

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle

Great idea

Unfortunately, my silverware handles didn’t work. I will search yard sales and thrift stores to find a fit!

Love the Anytongs

I think they are great! Already bought a set to give as a gift! Great idea!

Great Idea

I saw these on Shark Tank and thoughts these would really work well in my RV for camping. So, I bought two, one for the house and one for the RV. Very pleased.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Bradford Barnes

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Linda A. Stevenson
Quality plus

Versatile, quality plus and a must have for every kitchen!


Have not received them yet.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Ann Marie Mizzoni

They look good I didn’t use them yet ! Thanks

GR8 invention.

GR8 invention. Easy to use. Very practical.

They Work!!

I am so impressed with these. They work just like they advertise.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle
Kathleen Mesenburg
Love these tongs

These are great and a nice surprise to receive a 2 pack. Very clever and convenient.

Love these tongs

Finally received the handle for making the tongs. I used them for the 1st time tonight, dinner for 9 people. They were perfect. Loved using spoons in them for serving the fruit bowl. It's so easy.

Handy cooking/serving tool

Great for home, picnics, camping, parties. Use your own utensils that match your place setting. Takes up very little space in the drawer. Easy to pack and transport. I'm glad it came in a two pack, but I ordered two sets so that I can have them handy in the camper, fish house, camping gear.

They work perfectly!

Received my order and immediately made some tongs out of forks. Happy to report that they work perfectly. This is kind of a genius idea.

Anytongs - 2 Pack Bundle